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  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Mesa, Arizona. Our zip code is 85209.
  • What breed of rabbits do you breed?
    We are solely dedicated to raising Holland Lop Rabbits. This is the smallest of the lop-eared breeds. We will occasionally produce Fuzzy Holland lops. Fuzzy Holland lops are fairly uncommon, but this gene has popped up previously in our rabbitry. Please note that there is no such thing as a "Mini Holland Lop" or "Dwaft Holland Lop". These terms are used as sale tactics. Individuals or Rabbitries who advertise as such are deceptive and should be avoided as the bunnies are most likely bred in bunny mills.
  • Once I am on the waitlist, how long do I have to wait?
    Being a small scale rabbitry, we do not mass breed our bunnies. We have scheduled breedings for the year. Generally, our waitlist times vary and are dependent on families currently on our waitlist and their color/gender preference. This does not necessarily mean you will not be able to secure a bunny within your desired timeframe. Like most businesses, we also have our peak months verse slower months. Most rabbitries tend to slow down in the summer months, and peak from October through December during the Holiday season. Currently, our waitlist timeframe is roughly 1-2 months out.
  • Can I skip a litter and remain on the waitlist?
    If there is not a bunny you like in the group of babies offered to you, you can always pass and wait for the next group. This does not mean you lose your spot on the waitlist. You will remain in the same spot and when a new group is ready to be reserved, I will start on the top of the waitlist and work my way down again.
  • Will my waitlist application be denied?
    Not all applications are approved. State 48 Rabbitry will deny an application at our discretion if we feel it is in the best interest of the bunny, if an incomplete application is submitted, or if an application is submitted with knowingly falsified information. We do our best to screen families simply because we care. With that being said, we are always very fair and do not deny applications for small typos/mistakes.
  • How does the bunny reservation process work?
    When a group of babies is old enough to be reserved (typically 6-8 weeks of age) I will start at the top of the waitlist and work my way down. Families are given 2 hours to respond before I automatically continue down the waitlist. Even if your two hours elapse, you can still reserve a baby that is in the "available album". Just know that the photos have already been sent to other families on the waitlist. As babies become reserved, I will remove that baby from the "available album". To reserve a baby I require a $30 nonrefundable deposit. This deposit does go towards the total cost of the baby and can be paid the same way as the waitlist deposit.
  • Where is the pickup location?
    For the safety of all involved, we meet all families at our local police station located at 2430 S Ellsworth Rd, Mesa, AZ 85208. It is here that they have a safe exchange area dedicated to public exchange of online sales.
  • When is the final balance due for my bunny?
    Final balance for all bunnies will need to be fulfilled at the pick up of your baby. Final balance can be paid in the same form of payment as the deposit.
  • Can I come visit with and pick out my bunny?
    Due to a multitude of reasons including RHDV2, we are running a closed Rabbitry at this time. This means that we do not allow visitors until further notice. This policy is put in place to protect the health and safety of our herd. As much as we would love visitors, we work very hard to maintain biosecurity within our rabbitry and allowing any foot traffic puts our herd at risk. Running a closed rabbitry also allows for us to honor our conditional Health Guarantee for all bunnies purchased from us.
  • How much are your bunnies?
    The babies are $200 each. Our rabbitry specializes in unique and diverse colors. We do not charge extra for less common colors. The adults will vary based on pedigree and show quality. These prices are subject to change pending incurred costs to maintain the herd.
  • What is the soonest I can get my bunny?
    Per Arizona state law, no bunnies can leave our care until 8 weeks of age. No exceptions. Once a deposit is placed on a bunny, we will reach out to our families to schedule pick up within 7 days from the time the bunny is 8 weeks old.
  • What is a pedigree?
    A full pedigree is a document containing 4+ generations of lineage on a bunny. A Pedigree will list your bunny, your bunny's parents, grandparents and great grandparents. All of our bunnies here at State 48 Rabbitry are fully pedigreed.
  • Do you offer a pedigree for your bunnies?
    We do not offer pedigrees for pet bunnies. We do our best to deter backyard breeding or hobbyist breeding. Breeding is prohibited. We may offer pedigrees for select 4H/FFA programs at our discretion. If you are registered or plan to sign up for an 4H/FFA program, please contact us prior to placing your waitlist deposit or reserving a bunny.
  • Do you ship your bunnies?
    We do not currently ship our bunnies. However, we will work with transport if it has been arranged by the buyer.
  • Do your bunnies have a health guarantee?
    Yes. Bunnies are 100% healthy to our knowledge when they leave our care. We give daily wellness checks and never send home a bunny in questionable health. If anything happens to your bunny within our care, the family will be contacted immediately to replace/refund or transfer your deposit. We also encourage families to look over their bunnies at the time of pick up. Once a bunny leaves our care, we offer a 48-hour conditional health guarantee to refund or replace at our discretion. We do offer options for any issues that may arise outside of the 48-hour timeframe. These details are defined in our Pet Sales Agreement.
  • Do you work with bunny transports?
    Yes, we will work with transport if it has been arranged by the buyer.
  • Are your bunnies spayed or neutered when they go home?
    No. Bunnies cannot be spayed/neutered until 4-6 months of age. This is also at each vets disrection. Occasionally, we may help a family rehome a spayed/neutered pet bunny. Any adult rabbits we place up for sale will not be spayed/neutered, but may require a spay/neuter contract at our discretion.
  • Can I buy more than one bunny?* (Do Holland Lop bunnies do better in pairs?)
    Yes. If you are interested, we can discuss options for bonding your existing bunnies with any new ones from our Rabbitry. We highly recommend spaying/neutering to aid in this process.
  • Is gender 100% guaranteed?
    We cannot guarantee gender 100% for young babies. We do our best to determine the sex of each baby early on, and check genders weekly. However, mistakes can be made. The difference between a buck and a doe at a young age is a matter of one tiny line. Although it is fairly uncommon, it is possible to misidentify the gender and especially if a bunny is a late bloomer. If we notice a misidentified gender while the bunny is in our care, the family is contacted immediately. We encourage families that are familiar with determining gender, to check and confirm the gender of their bunny at the time of pick up.
  • Do Holland Lops make good pets?*
    Holland lops make fantastic pets! They are not only cute, but they are generally very sweet and social as well. They are the smallest of the lop-eared breed. Rabbits are fairly independent animals and do great being the only pet. They can be litter box trained so that they can free roam in your house! They are ridiculously cute and just watching them live their lives will make anyone happy!
  • What all do Holland Lops require for care?
    Holland Lops are fairly low maintence and don't require a lot of specific care. They do require regular nail trimmings and thorough body checks to make sure they are free from mites, mats in their fur, or any teeth/ear issues. They are not required to receive any vaccines or other preventative medications. As long they are fed a proper diet, Holland Lops can live as long as 8-10 years!
  • Can I house my bunny outside?
    Our herd rabbits are all housed inside our house in a climate-controlled room. We won't dictate where you can or can't house your rabbits. However, please be advised that rabbits struggle in the heat. Anything above 85°F can be harmful to a bunny. Careful planning and research should be done if you are adamant on housing your bunny outside. Housing your bunny outside can also cause them to become less social/friendly because they aren't a part of your day-to-day activities inside. They can become timid and scared of you. There are also precautions that should be taken to prevent the spread of RHDV2 which is a fatal rabbit disease.
  • Can you potty train a rabbit?
    This is one of many things that sets us apart from other rabbitries. We place a very large emphasis on making sure all of our babies are litter box trained by the time they go to their new homes. Here at State 48, all of our herd rabbits are litter trained. We start early litter training for all babies. The timeframe to fully litter train is different for each bunny. Some pick up litter training fairly quickly, some are more stubborn. Our goal is to ensure each bunny is off to a great start when they leave our care to help with a smooth transition into their new homes.
  • How big do Holland Lops get?
    Holland Lops are a dwarf breed. They are the smallest of the lop-eared rabbits. However; there are two genes at play. A standard dwarf gene and a true dwarf gene. How big each bunny will be at maturity depends on their parents and the quality of their diet. True dwarfs generally range from 2-4 lbs and standard dwarfs generally range from 3-5 lbs full-grown. Like most animals, a poor-quality diet or overfeeding also plays a large role in your bunny's weight.
  • Will my bunny need to be spayed/neutered?
    Spaying/Neutering will keep your bunny from expressing any unwanted habits or behavorial issues. It also plays a large role in the life span of your bunny by drastically decreasing the risk of reproductive cancers. We recommend establishing your bunny with a trusted exotic vet and having them spayed/neutered by 6-8 months of age.
  • Do bunnies need vaccines?
    In the U.S., bunnies are not required to have any vaccinations. There is an optional vaccine to protect your bunny against RHDV2. Please consult with your established vet to see if they offer this vaccine at your location.
  • Do Holland Lops like to cuddle?*
  • How long do Holland Lops live?*
  • Do Holland Lops bunnies smell?*
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